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Sunday, August 18, 2013

{15 weeks}

We are now in week #15 of our pregnancy with baby #3. I am just starting to feel somewhat less tired and nauseous. It seemed to take longer to get to this more comfortable phase than it did with Jackson or Audrey, probably because I have Jackson and Audrey to chase around. Little monsters. At this point I am more convinced than ever that this baby is a boy, but we'll find out for sure at the end of September. Come on out, baby, Mama can't wait for maternity leave... I mean, to hold you! Okay, maybe a little of both. Only (half) kidding... 

jackson is going to SCHOOL!

It's true. My little handsome butt is going to preschool tomorrow! He is pumped up about going one minute and then "a little scared" as he says the next, but I think once he has the first couple of days over with he will love it. He already loves his class on Sundays at church and his preschool classroom is literally next door to that, his best buddy Canaan will be in his class as well as some other kids he knows from church and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter teacher. Mrs. Stone is the wife of our senior minister and they are both amazing. Her philosophy in teaching is right in line with ours- "To provide children with Christian instruction in an atmosphere that develops a child's positive self-esteem. To introduce them to the love of learning, the knowledge that God is the author of all and the understanding of just how precious they are to Jesus." 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{13 weeks}

This weeks marks #13 with baby #3 on the way. That's 13 too many weeks to wait if you ask Jackson who is insistent that the baby is big enough to come out any minute. His excitement and love for the baby is already clear, much like it was for Audrey before she was born. And speaking of the peanut, she loves giving mommy's baby belly lots of kisses each day, sometimes even peeking under my shirt, wondering where that baby everyone keeps talking about really is... Rest peacefully for the next little while, baby, because you've got two crazy little fans just waiting for you to join them in creating all things chaotic and beautiful.

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