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Friday, September 27, 2013

{Baby #3} Gender Reveal

Tonight we had baby #3's gender reveal.... it's a BOY! My instincts were confirmed with blue balloons that Jonah Daniel will be joining us around Valentine's Day! We love you so much, little man. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{baby #3} 20 weeks!

We are officially a little more than half-way through our pregnancy with baby #3 and find out Friday if we're having a boy or a girl. I'm so thankful for the timing of this week's ultrasound - it is going to be such a great note to end a somewhat hard week on. On Monday, Jackson had surgery. It was a "minor" procedure that unexpectedly lasted over 2 hours to correct some trauma to his front teeth. After being released from the hospital we spent the rest of the day recovering; it was an exhausting, emotional day that I'm thankful is over. Tuesday, Audrey started with a nasty cough and we ended our day at urgent care. Today she continues to struggle but we're hoping she's on her way to recovery. Weeks such as these don't overwhelm me as much as they used to. I'm able now to see through the exhaustion of sleepless nights and work-filled days to understand just how blessed we are. I'm so thankful for these little monsters of ours and I'm so thankful we have the resources we need to take care of them in the best ways. God has been so good to us and we are forever grateful. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

{baby #3} 19 weeks.

I can very clearly remember being pregnant with Jackson and feeling like he would never get here, like the pregnancy was lasting forever. My time carrying Audrey went a little faster, but not much, so it's hard to believe with baby #3 that I'm almost half-way through! While this time around has been harder physically and mentally due to the intense exhaustion, it has actually passed refreshingly quickly. This photo was from our time in Saugatuck when I was 18 weeks, so a little outdated, but next week we'll have the really fun updates to share- photos, the gender and a name! Jackson is still adamantly voting for a girl and Audrey stubbornly tells us that baby is a boy. My instincts have me siding with Audrey... but we will find out for sure on the 27th. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Saugatuck: Riverboat Cruise

One of our other Saugatuck adventures involved a riverboat cruise... the babies were pumped to get to ride on the "BIG boat." The captain of the boat, however was not so excited about having them on board. He announced a few times before boarding and leaving the dock that the boat is not a playground, that little children should be with their parents at all times, etc in a tone that clearly put him in the category of "grumpy old man." We were one of only two families on board with young children so a little awkward to have to listen to it over and over. The boat ride lasted for almost an hour and a half, travelling up and down the Kalamazoo River and into Lake Michigan, and Jackson and Audrey were complete angels. Not once did they act out. I wasn't really surprised as they normally are really well-behaved, but inside I was so proud and hoped it was a lesson to the grumpy captain that he should respect all little people a little more. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Apple Harvest!

I'm sure Saugatuck is beautiful in the summer too, but Dan and I agreed that we would always go in the fall. First, the crowds were nonexistent so there was no waiting for restaurants, we had room to stretch out on the beach and it just felt that much more relaxing in general. But, secondly, fall is apple-picking time! We passed countless orchards on our drive and spent time at two. The babies loved picking their own apples... enough to keep us stocked for days. 

The Art Barn

While in Saugatuck, we found the most adorable place- The Art Barn. It was an old barn turned into an art studio. A place where anyone, of any age, can come and do any kind of art... painting, mosaics, pottery... anything. There really are no rules (as it should be with art!). And once again, I'm left convincing Dan that we should turn our little red barn into our very own Art Barn. I actually think I might have a shot of making that one happen. 

{Saugatuck 2013}

We spent a long weekend in Michigan, in a little lakeside town called Saugatuck. A little town I instantly fell in love with. It was the perfect escape from a life that has seemed too much like a roller coaster lately. I'm actively trying to convince Dan to ditch our things and move there permanently, but I guess I'll settle for going back each fall. 

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