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life list

my life list (or planned dreams)... otherwise known as 'future memories'
*updated July 2014

I began a "life list" while in middle school. Over time I have checked many things off, but still have far to go. Every few years I re-evaluate- I add new items and take some old ones off that are no longer dreams of mine. I hope to cross off as many as possible but to never finish the list... because "finishing" would mean no longer having dreams and a dream-less existence is just not living at all.

1. Sky Dive
2. Rock Climb
3. Skinny Dip. In updating this list I have no idea why I kept this on here, but it's still here.
4. Horse-back riding
5. Homeschool my babies
6. Whitewater Rafting
7. Turn a barn into a studio
8. Have a greenhouse/garden
9. Hot Air Balloon Ride
10. Fly a Plane
11. Spend kids' teenage year vacations on cross-country trips exploring
12. Meet The President
13. Work in the White House. I wrote that dream down initially when I was in high school and planned to be The President. I still want to work in The White House, even if it's just for an hour for a meeting. 
14. Visit all 7 Continents:
North America - South America - Europe - Africa - Asia - Antarctica - Australia
I'm hoping to cross south america off the list in the next year at minimum. 
15. Go on a Christmas season trip to NYC
16. Visit all 50 states + DC (*visit means actually having a meaningful experience- not just driving through or flying into, stopping by, etc.):
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio  Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming and DC 

17. Speak Spanish fluently
18. Go on an international mission trip Jonah bear may or may not have spoiled the plan to cross this off last year :), but am hoping to go this upcoming spring. 
19. See the pyramids
20. Hike the Great Wall of China This should happen when we bring baby #4 home, if not sooner.
21. Visit the Grand Canyon
22. Attend the Olympics
23. Hike a 7,500+ foot mountain
24. Visit Napa Valley
25. Own a convertible
26. See all my babies baptized
27. Go to Paris
28. Start a non-profit
29. Write a book
30. Yellowstone Plans to go in August of 2015. 
31. Island hop in Greece
32. Run a 1/2 marathon Training for that now!
33. New Zealand
34. Disney Princess Half Marathon
35. Drive a race car
36. Attend the Kentucky Derby
37. Renew vows in dream location
38. Attend a World Series game
39. Go to Seattle fish market
40. Establish annual girls' trip with daughters
41. Visit The Holy Land and walk where Jesus walked
42. Own a home on the beach
43. Adopt I wrote that SO LONG ago initially. Amazing to me how much more clear that plan as become. 
44. Visit 50 Countries Only 9 down
45. Picnic in Central Park (been there, but no picnic)
46. Jackson Hole, Wyoming Dan & I had plans to go in August of 2014, but he just started a new position at work and can't leave then.... soooo, August of 2015 it is for the Jackson Hole 1/2 Marathon :)
47. Almafi Coast, Italy
48. Taiwan Lantern Festival
49. Santorini Greece
50. Colonial Williamsburg Boo, we were RIGHT there in May 2014, but ended up staying at the beach the whole time.. next time!
51. Redwood National Forest
52. Freedom Trail
53. African Safari
54. Go to airport and take the next flight out to anywhere
55. Ride gondola in Venice
56. Go to Bali
57. Take babies to Disney World
58. Visit 9/11 Memorial I mean to do this every time I'm in NYC and always seem to run out of time.
59. Put a message in a bottle
60. Build a treehouse
61. Taj Mahal
62. Ireland
63. Surf

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