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Friday, May 29, 2015

catching up: saying goodbye to our first home.

In March we moved out of our old house.
The house that was our first home together.
The home we brought Jackson, Audrey & Jonah all home to.
And the home that we made a home with a lot of hard work and renovations and most importantly memories- lots of memories. 

I'm so thankful for that place. It was the right place for us at the right time but it was also most definitely time to move on and I'm so thankful the new owners love it as much as we did. 

A few photos I snapped right before locking up for the last time. 

The day we closed on our new house with our fabulous (check out her April Fool's Day outfit) neighbor who happened to be the realtor for the previous owners. I'm so thankful to have her next door!

And a few more shots from when we were still living there- I want my babies to remember someday when it's all so foggy in their memory. 

(hollllly moly, I'm behind) catching up: EASTER

Well, it's pretty clear that things have been a little crazy around here seeing as I'm just now getting to our Easter update. I will say that this year Easter was somewhat of a blur since Grandma Nanny passed away that week making celebrations bittersweet to say the least. Thankfully it did mean that the Hoffman family was able to 100% be together since everyone was in town for the funeral which was a blessing for all of us and I'm certain had her smiling too.  

All of Grandma Nanny's great grandbabies with the Easter baskets she had packed and ready to go for them. She made up these exact baskets for all of us from the time we were born so to pass these out for the very last time was surreal. 

Audrey & Wyatt were over the pictures. 

These two- two peas in a (very dramatic) pod. Grandma Nanny knew them well, leaving Elsa & Anna outfits. 

All of Grandma Nanny's favorite people on the family farm. 

catching up: Jackson's preschool graduation.

Last week Jackson graduated from preschool. 
In other words, Jackson is growing up too fast- TOO FAST, I tell you for my heart to handle.
Lets please slow this down, shall we? 

dan, dan the coffee man.

If you've had even just one conversation with Dan in the last 6 months you would KNOW that 95% of his time awake is spent roasting coffee, thinking about roasting coffee or buying beans to roast... into coffee. It's a tasty (and I would argue expensive) hobby (and he would argue is more like a skill).

I snapped just a few, quick shots of him roasting some beans on his birthday because what did Dan want to do the evening of his birthday? Roast, of course!

happy birthday!

Dan turned 31 yesterday and Jackson continues to be confused as to why, just WHY, do mommys and daddys not have big parties for every birthday? So, we compromised and made gluten-free birthday cake at 10:00pm. 

Here's to being another year older (and maybe even a little wiser?)!

With 2 of his best buddies. The bear was already in bed. 

I think maybe she enjoyed her cake :) 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

butterfly gardens...

On Saturday morning we went to our first children's event in our new community- planting our own butterfly garden! Each child was given their own space on the bank of one of the smaller lakes to plant flowers that are known to attract butterflies, labeling their spot with their name on a stake. So fun and so looking forward to going back to check on "our flowers" throughout the summer to see how they grow. 

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