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the story of cottage hill

Welcome to 'Life on Cottage Hill'- the latest installment of feeding my addiction to blogging. I am officially 'retiring' my previous two blogs, 'Inspire Me Engel' and 'Jackson Engel.' Both of these blogs will still be live, so anyone can still visit them and read past posts, but I will not be updating them. Instead, I am combining them into one blog that encompasses all of my passions and I am calling it 'Life on Cottage Hill.' So, I'll explain all of the 'why's' behind the changes, the name and the reasons why I blog in the first place.

First, why do I even blog. With an already very full life, why would I spend so much time and energy blogging. Well, many reasons. But they all really boil down to two things: First, I'm really just putting all of the thoughts that I would have had any way down on paper. The things I choose to write about each day are just things that are going through my mind- ideas that I have, questions or challenges that I'm sorting through, moments that touch me especially deeply... just every day thoughts. But, by writing them down, I am organizing my thoughts, getting them out there and moving on. It's therapy, really. And secondly, blogging allows me to really count my blessings. I have such an amazing life. It's nothing that appears to be out of the ordinary from the outside, but to me it is perfection. It is full. It is blessed through and through and I want to savor each part of it every day, which is what I'm doing when I blog. I am savoring the little moments that make up the big memories. 

These reasons inspired me to begin my first blog, Inspire Me Engel, 2 years ago. In July 2008, just a few months after Dan and I became Mr. and Mrs. Engel I began blogging and absolutely fell in love for all of the reasons I just explained. Then, on New Year's Eve 2009 I began my second blog named after my soon-to-be baby boy, Jackson. I wanted a place to document all of his adventures so that I could share them with him when he was older. And so his blog was born just before he was on February 8, 2010. I loved both blogs and posted almost daily on each for the past 6 months, but I have decided that it would make more sense to combine the two into one, which is how Life on Cottage Hill was established. 

Now to the name. What is Cottage Hill? Where is Cottage Hill? Cottage Hill is our very own little corner of the world. It is where Dan and I decided to begin our lives together. It is where Dan proposed to me. It is where we began our marriage. It is where we brought Jackson home to. It is our sanctuary, it is our little heaven on earth, it is our home. We purchased our home in the fall of 2007. Dan was in love at first sight. I was not. At all. The place needed a lot of work. It still needs a lot of work if we're being honest. But, the feeling we got when we spent time here just felt like home and the views at the top of the hill more than made up for the small little house that hadn't been updated in half-a-century. So, we bought the place and never looked back. The property consisted of a little house, or cottage as I like to think of it as, on 10 acres- all of which are on a big hill that overlooks trees as far as you can see. A cottage on a hill. 

I invite you to join us here whenever you wish, to follow along with our adventures- I will continue to share what I have been sharing for the past 2 years, every thing that inspires me, energizes me, fills me with life with the hope that it may touch you as well. 

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