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Sunday, October 30, 2011

trunk and treat

I am admittedly a Halloween Scrooge. It's the one holiday Dan and I just aren't huge fans of- and quite honestly I'd be perfectly happy to skip right over it so we could get to Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations sooner. But, the one Halloween'y thing we did do was Trunk and Treat at church which JP loved. I'm hoping I can get a few more years in where he still believes candy is "acky" and is perfectly happy passing it out instead of eating it (the child has never had a piece in his short little life and I'm all about keeping that up as long as possible...). He also loved the hay ride, pumpkin-picking, stroller rides with Pop and Nanna and looking at the ponies and fire trucks... all enough to distract him from the fact that it was prime-nap-time. We had a great time while Dan continued to make progress on the addition (today was all about insulation...), but now lets get going on the REAL holiday season!

{fall fun: ACORNS}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ebb & flow

For anyone who knows me, even casually, they would know that this week marked the beginning to my 8 months of bliss- I've been singing the news from the roof tops because, lets face it, this maternity leave has been long-awaited and even more so needed. And so on Monday Jackson and I began our new routine- which will be short-lived because I'm sure Audrey will insist on creating new routines for all of us when she arrives shortly, but for now, we're pretty happy with the flexibility our new-found freedom is giving us. And while we're only 2 days into this, those 2 days couldn't have been any more different... let me illustrate:

"Maternity Leave Monday" as I like to think of it as was all that not working should include in my opinion:
-JP got to wake up on his own time
-A pedicure
-Shopping (including multiple Christmas outfit changes for Audrey)
-A lot of play time with Jackson
-A trip to the library

And then there was today, Tuesday:
-I had to wake JP up early to get ready for my weekly DR's appointment after a night where I would estimate I slept for maybe 2 full hours (horrible, horrible back pain)
-I had to drive Dan's massive (and loud, diesel) truck (see below for why) to my appointment  
-Dan's aforementioned massive truck was too tall to fit into the DR's parking garage and too long for the street parking... this resulted in this 9 month pregnant lady driving around for 30 minutes to finally find a spot that was a 20 minute walk to the DR (with a very full bladder I might add)
-I then had my appointment which revealed that I am 1cm dilated (which is great) & Audrey is head-down (also great), but the exam to figure this out is not a lot of fun
-Post-DR I then drove the loud truck north of the city to pick up our new furnace for the addition- after being sent to 4 different people in 2 different buildings I finally found the furnace 
-Finally I picked up my little man who apparently decided today was a no-nap day

It's funny (at least it is now, hours later) how completely opposite my first days of mat-leave-vacay have gone, but the thing is that it's totally to be expected... I'm finding just how much life and energy can ebb and flow when you're this pregnant. I'm learning to take advantage of the days, like Monday, when I have endless energy to nest away and to find patience (with life and with myself) on days like today when I am needing to take it hour by hour. 

Luckily, no matter what happens, having it happen with this little guy around makes it all worthwhile... and hilarious, entertaining and amazing all at once.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my little diva

Like any good diva, Audrey has decided to arrive in her own way... early! Yesterday I had my weekly DR appointment to check on her progress and my doctor informed me that due to Audrey's anticipated size (similarly to her big brother's) they would recommend that I not go full-term. Therefore, if she is not already here by the 9th of November, I will be induced early that morning- which is a week earlier than her original due date. 

This means a few things:
1. We get to meet our beautiful Audrey earlier than expected- GREAT thing!
2. My last day in the office is now TOMORROW instead of next Friday- GREAT thing!
3. We now have at least a week less to finish the house- NOT a great thing, BUT totally okay.

Dan is in the midst of working a new demanding assignment that he began on Monday where he has an incredibly long commute and is working longer hours, including some weekends, so needless to say most work has been put on pause on the house because quite frankly he has zero time. I'm hoping that Audrey's arrival will also present a much-needed break for him from his duties at work so he can relax and totally soak up his soon-to-be 2 perfect children (and wife, of course)!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm not sure how you could have a bad weekend with a face like that around, but at the risk of sounding redundant and overly obvious... we had a great one. 

That little angel of mine, he has an mischievous side to him, especially when Sammy is around. Poor Sammy, all the guy wants is to live in peace- peace full of naps and treats, but Jackson always has other things in mind.  

It's a love-hate relationship, really with the balance leaning more towards "love" as Jackson gets older and Sammy realizes the kid has real value in his ability to now access the treat cabinet all on his own.

The weather this weekend was fall at its best so this afternoon we ventured out after church to take a hike. I'm not going to lie, being able to take hikes in our own backyard is pretty much the best thing ever- especially when I think of all the memories Jackson and Audrey are going to make on these acres and acres of land covered in hills and wooded trails.

These are the moments I have to remind myself of when all of the renovation work on the house becomes overwhelming and seemingly unending. I have to remind myself that we didn't buy the perfect house, we bought the perfect location... and the house is what we are slowly turning into our home. Our perfect home.

Of many things I'm unsure, but of one thing I am confident- that those little legs will have more than enough room to run, more than enough room to explore, more than enough room to have a childhood full of adventures.

As we headed back to the house for nap time I couldn't help but think that in less than a month we'll have another perfect little soul to introduce this world to, another perfect little soul to add to our hike. I can't imagine a more beautiful or amazing adventure than this life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Check it off... BRICK!

a reminder of the before... YIKES!

friday news

1. Audrey is due exactly one month from tomorrow
2. Which means I have only 2 more weeks of work
3. Which means Jackson better get ready for a LOT of Mama adventures
4. The brick crew finished today- check that major item off the list
5. We also ordered the parts for the new heating/air conditioning unit
6. Dan is going finish the electrical wiring tomorrow b/c the inspector is coming on Tuesday
7. All of this means PROGRESS!
8. I have a LOT of fall fun planned for JP and I tomorrow while Dan works on the house- little man better rest up
9. It's funny how little big worries effect you when your faith is so strong- we learned this week that Dan's job is basically going to go away at some point in the near future and yet we're not stressed b/c we know we'll always be taken care of- God never shuts a door without opening a window.
10. More to come later...
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