Saturday, April 19, 2014

::brothers:: "babies are a LOT of work"

Jackson has been such a help with Jonah- especially with Dan gone right now. Jackson innately wants to watch out for Jonah, quickly going to him when he's crying, entertaining him during tummy time and singing him songs throughout the day to keep his little buddy happy. But, every once in awhile when Jonah is grumpy he tells me... "babies are a LOT of work, Mommy." Yes, they certainly can be, buddy. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

jonah bear: 10 weeks.

Jonah bear is 10 weeks. 10 weeks! He is as cute as ever and increasingly spoiled. I'm not sure if he has tummy issues or if he is just more irritable than Jackson and Audrey were. He had his 2 month well check this week and his pediatrician offered to put him on some medicine to prevent acid reflux, but I declined because I'm not convinced he needs it, but his off and on fussiness can certainly make for some long days (and nights). But, his sweet smiles make it all worth it. We love you, Jonah... "foreva and eva" as Audrey would say.
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