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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

one down, two to go...

I got home late last night after my first of three upcoming trips to Chicago for work. It was a great trip (minus the whole American Airlines flight delay debacle on the way home... get it together, AA). But, as successful of a trip that it was, I'm happy to be home with my babies...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FALL back home.

Dan and I have been on somewhat of a roller coaster lately with how we feel about where we are (location wise). Some days we love where we've settled and other days (most days lately) the long commutes and big house/big yard feel like too much to keep up with along with kids and work. But, these views? The ones on nights like these when we can just hike around our house with babies in tow leaves us somewhat breathless and in total love with this place we call home... we are blessed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tangent TOOTHsday

1. "Happy TOOTHsday" was the subject of one of Dan's emails to me today. It had me laughing literally out loud so I stole it for this post. 
2. Why TOOTHsday? Because I took Jackson to his first ever dentist appointment this morning! Overall great visit, but he didn't like how they "shined their flashlights" in his face. He thought that was so rude! 
3. I may have bought Audrey's first Christmas dress of the season today. We'll see if she beats her 6 dresses from last year. 
4. Counting my business trip last week, I have a total of 6 trips in the next 10 weeks (personal and business). Umm... yeah. That is both exciting and really, really exhausting to think about. 
5. The Peanut has been kicked out of her shared room with JP and shipped upstairs to her own room. She is FINALLY sleeping (almost) through the night consistently now that she can sleep in peace and quiet. 
6. After having 2 meltdown weeks in a row at work I'm feeling pretty good so far this week (yes, I know it's only Tuesday). 
7. Jackson just told me "Come on, Mommy, I want to break you down!"... after some clarifying questions I learned that he meant he wants to "break it down" with a dance party! He is developing some serious moves that mimic a little break-dancer. 

And now for some random pics from last night's trip to the park in the dark, super fast trip to the library & dance parties in the play room...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

cinder sniffers!

We kicked off a choo-choo-licious weekend with our very first visit to the Cinder Sniffers this morning. It's hard to believe that Dan and I have lived within minutes of this hidden gem for most of our lives and had never been. It's the most adorable place that is privately owned, but is opened for the public to enjoy once a month. It was Dan's idea to go and it was so very "him"... something mechanical, a little rustic and a lot unique. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

10 things: grateful.

The best cure for being overwhelmed is gratitude. 

10 things I'm grateful for in this moment:
1. For a healthy, safe family.
2. For a husband who loves me unconditionally. 
3. For the chance to try again each morning. 
4. For 2 chubby little faces who help give me perspective.
5. For a God who is always listening. 
6. For sharpie markers. (hey,I'm grateful for shallow things too ;) )
7. For the moment of clarity in the middle of the night to re-prioritize. 
8. For the beauty that is Fall.
9. For unplugging from work.
10. For baby giggles. 
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