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Sunday, December 28, 2014

christmas party # ??

We are still Christmas'ing... which is great! And kind of exhausting! But in the best way. The downside is we're now without Dan- he started his outage schedule yesterday so he's pretty much either working or sleeping around the clock. Today we didn't see him at all except for when we passed him on the road- we were coming home from the Tedesco Christmas and he was on his way back to work. Here's to hoping we can get him back to a normal schedule in the next few days!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

....still christmas'ing!

Last night we had Pop, Nanna, Uncle Bubba & Pooch for Christmas dinner...

Jonah bear enjoying his own baby appetizers. 

It is now impossible to get a decent photo with the bear- he canNOT stop moving or wrestling... 

Audrey "finishing her lips" upstairs at her new vanity from Nanna & Pop. 

Jackson couldn't wait to try out his new sandbox digger so Pop took up outside to test it out.

Dan went from anti-smartphones to taking selfies in less than a week... 

christmas morning: before & after.

Before: Jonah bear on his very FIRST Christmas morning! Patiently waiting for his brother and sister to wake up.

After: A few short hours later and all the presents opened, wrapping paper cleaned up and 3 very happy babies (1 of which now insists on being called Izzie) in deep, deep playing mode. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

daddy's "office."

On Monday the babies and I went to Dan's office for a Christmas Party. Jackson especially has wanted to see the power plant up close for a LONG, long time so he was just a liiitle excited. I was not prepared for how in the middle of nowhere it was- but it was beautiful to drive through the hills of Kentucky along the river to get there. We were able to see Dan's office, the boiler and stacks that make the electricity and there were activities for the kids, including Santa arriving on the plant's fire truck (random!). We talk about Santa like we talk about Mickey Mouse- he's for fun, but we also know he's not real- this is to help keep the focus on Jesus for Christmas... anyway, this meant Jackson and Audrey were not into seeing Santa or sitting on his lap since they've never done that BUT Santa was handing out whole chocolate bars and stuffed animals (that's right, an ENTIRE chocolate bar)... so you know Jackson talked his sister into just sucking it up for one quick picture so they could relish in their treats. So here you have our first and probably last Santa photo :) 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

just a little christmas'ing...

... oh, just playing a little catch-up on life lately. Jackson has kept us right on schedule with our Christmas countdown complete with daily Christmas activities so there's been that and thankfully for me work in on pause for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately electricity still needs to be made, even on Christmas, so Dan will have a day off here and there but will mainly be working through the holidays including some night shifts this coming weekend- boo. BUT, we're just so beyond blessed, you know? It's glaringly obvious in an almost embarrassing way and so humbly we say THANK YOU, thank you for this season that celebrates the most amazing miracle that is Jesus.

Two of my Christmas helpers- they've been wearing their "Christmas hats" everywhere. 

Late night rides to see Christmas lights!

The tree downtown. 

We had our second Children's Theater performance- The Snow Queen- which is the book Frozen was based off of. Audrey's excitement at any live show is priceless. 

One of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions- The Festival of Lights! (it was a little cold hence the peanut's grumpy face.) But the cold can't hold Mr. Holiday down.

The teens at our church also put on a Christmas show- it was so good! I was in awe of their talent and Audrey attempted to sing along from the audience... "Let it Go," anyone?

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