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Sunday, May 20, 2012

life lately.

1. Being back to work is great- totally exhausting, but great!
2. Dan created a mini "gym" for me in the garage so that I have a more pleasant view when I run on the treadmill and I love it! I love how empowered I feel after finishing a tough run.
3. The Peanut has decided she's been still long enough. Her new army-crawling and knee-rocking skills are slowly giving her more and more freedom.
4. The things that come our of Jackson's mouth get funnier by the day. Oh, that child...
5. He also continues to be quite the smarty-pants. ABCs, spelling his name, counting, letter sounds, a spanish word here and there, shapes, colors... you name it, no problem.
6. I couldn't be happier with Nanny Amy. She and Jackson accomplish quite a bit while we're at work and when asked who is "best friend is" he now replies with "Amy" much to Dan's dismay (he had been reigning champ there for quite some time). 
7. The Peanut. She loves her daddy. And he loves the attention she gives him. I think "Daddy's girl" is going to be an understatement. 
8. Audrey and Dan had their first "date night" on Friday when he begged me to take her to a ball game with him to catch up with some friends. 
9. I stole my own peanut time this afternoon when Audrey and I met some of my girlfriends for bunch downtown after church. I love having a mini-me to brunch with.
10. This week is gearing up to be jam-packed work-wise- I'm definitely jumping in full force on that front.  Luckily we have a 3-day weekend coming up with an anniversary (4 years!) and a birthday (Dan will be 28!) to celebrate! 

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