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Saturday, February 9, 2013

happy birthday, little buddy.

Jackson's months of (im)patient waiting for his birthday finally paid off! He woke up as a THREE year old yesterday and to say he was excited would be a massive understatement. The boy was pumped that it was his birthday! 

Our morning went something like this...

Jackson wakes up with a "Good morning, it's my birthday!"... to which I respond, "yes, Happy Birthday, buddy!" and he replies, "thanks and happy birthday to you, mommy." Every time someone wished him a happy birthday he would respond that way as if the world was celebrating in unity this day of all days, his birthday! And why wouldn't they be- this little boy who isn't so little anymore is the center of our world, after all. 

After we got through several "Happy Birthdays" back and forth, I told Jackson it was time to go upstairs and get Audrey out of bed to which he said, "I'll go with you, Mommy, because I just know there are going to be decorations up there for me!" Umm... sorry bud, decorations go up tomorrow on party day. No problem for my little man, he was too high on life to let anything get him down. He proceeded to race upstairs to share the great news with Audrey, it's his birthday, it's his birthday!

Fast forward to breakfast time. I give him breakfast and he asks for a drink, as I bring the glass of water to him he looks at me with the biggest smile and says, "Oh, wow, is that birthday water, mommy?!" Umm, sure it is, Jackson!

My little buddy and I soon after dropped the peanut off to stay with Nanna so we could have an all day mommy-Jackson fun day. He chose to first go to the museum and nearly four hours later I had to drag him out of there to go to lunch, followed by the candy store followed by our favorite bookstore. Absolutely one of my favorite days with Jackson ever. Love my little man, love him so much. 

Oh, and PS: this takes care of half of one of my 30 by 30's to spend a FULL day alone with each of my babies. I will get my turn with Audrey in November when she turns 2!

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