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Saturday, April 13, 2013

welcome to my world.

So, this week: it was crazy stress wise with a LOT going on at work. I skipped sleeping most of the week in order to stay up late doing analysis and finishing up presentations for leadership reviews that were happening throughout the week, but with the big one on Friday. So, Thursday night, of course, is when my monsters get hit with a stomach bug that had Jackson and I up all Thursday night in a vomit-clean up-repeat cycle. Thankfully, Nanna stepped in Friday to care for the sick babies while I went and presented my work before rushing back home to take care of them. Fast forward to Saturday where the fun continues. Audrey and Jackson are slowly getting better but not without a lot of drama, of course. 

So, where is Dan in this whole saga? Well, sleeping soundly for one. And while he did thankfully put a big dent in cleaning up this vomit-wrecked house, he was more importantly- in his mind- doing this. No joke. 

That's right, he was building himself a tree swing. 

And that, my friends, is my life. 

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