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Monday, April 13, 2015

the bear: 14 months.

Last week Jonah hit the 14 month mark. Not exactly a momentous milestone, but I did want to capture a little bit about the bear at this age because lets be honest, he's hilarious, adorable, crazy and all things sweet. If I could freeze you at this age, Jonah, I would in a heartbeat. 
This is a photo that Amy took of Jonah last week while playing in the mud. It pretty  much sums him up!

-Jonah is happy pretty much all the time- he wakes up happy, goes to sleep happy... you get the idea. It takes a lot to get the bear down.
-He's crazy. He climbs on EVERYthing. He has mastered climbing and standing on all of mamaw's furniture. He runs everywhere which is actually funny to watch someone that little take off sprinting. He has figured out walking backwards, turning in circles and jumps from time to time. Being active is most definitely not a concern of our's. 
-He eats EVERYthing and ALL the time. It's basically turned into a game to see if we can find anything that he won't eat. Pickles? Sure. A piece of plain lettuce? Absolutely! 
-He has dealt really well with the transition from our old house to our temporary house with Dan's parents. He still goes to be easily and naps well most of the time, but has definitely been waking up more in the middle of the night, but overall I'm thankful for what a champ he has been.
-Jonah is an inquisitive little guy- he studies everything. Yesterday while Dan changed the oil in my car he ran over to see what was going on and then stood there and studied Dan's every move the entire time. 
-He is saying a few words: Mama, Dada, Bubba (for my brother, Uncle Bubba), bee (for Bing, our dog), bye bye, no no, etc. 
-He continues to love to dance and will perk up whenever he hears his favorite songs, currently that is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. 
-Balls are his favorite toys and is surprisingly good at throwing and kicking them considering they are normally about half his size! 

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