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Saturday, June 6, 2015

the peanut lately.

This girl. 
She has our whole heart and then some. 
She and Jackson are the best of friends but opposite in every way that two people can be. That keeps things both entertaining and challenging. 
Audrey is everything creative, imaginative and independent. She seems to live in her own peanut world most of the time- the land where princesses rule, everyone dances instead of walks and clothes are more like costumes that change dozens of times throughout each day.  
She's the perfect balance of sweet and sassy although in those sassy moments I'd be open to a little less drama. 
She is never far away from her notebooks where she draws her "hundreds of stories" as she says. Every page is full of thought, exploding with colors and if asked she will tell you what each and every thing is... "this is a falling star and this here is a beautiful tree with leaves and flowers..."
We'll let our peanut go wherever her heart takes her but if I had to place bets I would have a lot of confidence in saying her soul would never be content bottled up in a box, but will need outlets for creativity for all of her days, whether in dancing, singing, drawing and always putting on a little bit of a show wherever she goes. 

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