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Monday, June 1, 2015

3 babies + a mommy.

Dan has been working around the clock for a few days now, leaving the babies and I solo for the weekend. One of the things I really love about our new house is that we have so many options for adventures without having to leave our community which makes outings with 3 little monsters a whole lot easier (and more enjoyable)... 

Jackson is taking this whole "sleeping-in thing" for summer vacation pretty seriously. I could get fully on board with this if only Audrey and Jonah joined him in this new hobby. 

After church the babies and I went out to lunch. Jackson even sweet-talked his way into some major dessert action.

Saturday afternoon meant pool-time with friends- so fun even with a grumpy, teething Jonah bear.

More treats. The theme of our weekend pretty much went play then treats then play then treats.

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