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Sunday, May 22, 2011

ahh, the weekend!

watching the work crew work outside on the addition

his sad eyes when he realizes daddy is not out there 

the crew working on the patio & garage floor 

best buddies 

 out hidden little oasis

shopping with mama- first purchase: new flashcards 

yes, I do realize how perfectly adorable he is 

I am obsessed with this little profile 

jp's firs trip to ault park 

he was so excited to climb all of the stairs- half-way up his little legs gave out, making for a long climb for this pregnant mama

but we both agreed it was well worth the view from the top 

playing on the newly-poured garage floor 

mama & baby cow who live in the pastures next door 

the eldest son- most likely bitter to be outside instead of inside napping

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