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Thursday, December 22, 2011


random headlines from our life this week:

1. i had a minor heart attack this morning when our insurance company told me audrey was never added to our plan. after an hour + on the phone they realized they had made a mistake. enormous medical bill crisis averted.
2. i told jackson last night at bed time that we needed to clean the house today. he was ready to get at it as soon as he woke up & impatiently instructs me to "clean house" whenever i need to take a break to help audrey. 
3. the never-ending, always-expanding home addition/renovation project is finally ending! the last 2 weeks have included finishing demo'ing the existing upstairs, drywalling the upstairs and the addition, putting up trim, priming and painting everything and today they have begun putting in the new hardwood floors. we are hoping they will finish by saturday and then all that is left is for dan to put in the finishing lighting fixtures so we can turn the rest of the power on and then install the stair and balcony railings. 
4. audrey's habit of having "peanut parties" has only gotten worse instead of better this week. she is wide awake, happy, smiling and coo'ing for hours each night... really adorable and really exhausting. 
5. i had my post-partum check-up yesterday. i have completely healed (much more quickly than with jackson) so can officially get my butt running again. 
6. we have rounds 2-5 of christmas beginning tomorrow night. which means i better go finish up my to-do list! good thing i have 2 sweet little helpers.

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