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Friday, December 2, 2011

opposites attract

we are now three weeks into this "family of four" thing... it's impossible to believe that last month at this time audrey was growing inside of me, just waiting for her debut. a debut worth waiting for, no doubt, but also a day that i prayed hard for... for it to go smoothly, for it to end safely, for it to deliver a healthy baby... and for an easy transition for jackson. and happily i can say that we can check those 4 prayers off as answered.  

if jackson's reaction to meeting audrey for the first time was any indication of how he would welcome his role as big brother then i knew we would be totally lucking out... and we so have. his love, protectiveness and endless affection haven't stopped since. he is in total love.  

and we are in total love watching them interact with each other and so amused as we observe just how "opposite" they are. in every single way i can think of they are completely different. when jackson was an infant- for the first two months of his life to be exact- i held him literally 24 hours a day with the exception of a 20 minute shower each night if i could wiggle away without him having a total meltdown- he was one high-maintenance baby. at the time i wouldn't have classified him that way because it was the only thing i knew. but, now, looking back and comparing him to how laid back audrey is i can't believe that this new world exists of taking care of a newborn who is so unbelievably easy going. 

while that is just one pretty significant difference to us, there are many more... everything from my pregnancy to labor to breastfeeding experience to you-name-it has been totally opposite and completely welcomed. i am grateful that these two perfect souls are going to not only grow up together and love each other, but also learn from their differences. they are total opposites and luckly for us they completely complement each other. opposites do indeed attract. 

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