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Thursday, July 5, 2012

spontaneous getaway: indianapolis

Dan is in the middle of his busiest time of the year work-wise, so the babies and I decided to go on a spontaneous mini getaway since I had a couple of days off for the 4th. The idea popped to mind around 6pm Monday night, by 6:30 the hotel was booked and we were on the road the next morning, bound for Indianapolis. Packing last minute, even if for just a couple of days, for two babies on my own I knew I was bound to forget something. Unfortunately, that "something" was the camera battery... so, in lieu of photos, here are my top 10 favorite memories:

1. Hearing Jackson say, "Mommy, I'm so happy, I'm kicking my feet" multiple times on the way to Indy and then again when he saw the Children's Museum as we pulled up. 
2. Hearing Audrey laugh so hard at Jackson throughout the day from the comfort of her baby carrier while we played for hours at the museum. 
3. The look on Jackson's face when he saw where we would be sleeping for the night- a retired train car at the Crown Plaza. I too stayed here once with my family when I was growing up and my little train-enthusiast LOVED it. Choo-choo sounds and "all aboard" came out of his mouth at least every 3 minutes. 
4. That Dan decided to drive up and meet us after work Tuesday night and even better, he didn't have to work on the 4th so we had the entire day together to explore as a family.
5. My morning walk for coffee with Jackson Wednesday morning. He was a big hit at Starbucks, trying his best to bargain for a cake pop for breakfast. 
6. Playing in the fountains around the city - we won't count these as Jackson's first official fountain runs as that moment must happen at Purdue- but the chance to cool-off was much enjoyed. And the fact that Jackson called them "mountains" only made it even funnier. 
7. Giving Jackson his first glimpse into our state's history by visiting the statehouse and monument circle, his little brain soaks up much more than you would think. 
8. Watching Audrey's face light up time and time again as she took in the new city from her viewpoint from Daddy's back. I don't think that sight could ever possibly get old. 
9. Shoe-shopping with the Peanut. It was brief, but fruitful. I see many of these occasions in our future. 
10. As we were leaving Indy for our trip home, Jackson and Audrey went from exhausted to completely slap-happy and laughed hysterically for 20 minutes straight. They are already best buddies, I love that so much. 

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