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Sunday, June 24, 2012

summer nights.

Tonight I called for Jackson to get ready for bed a little before 9:00. I heard Dan come into the room and I turned, expecting to see him kissing Jackson good night, but instead he lured him back outside for one more walk around the pond... which turned into another hour running up and down the hills behind our house and ended with popsicles under the moonlight. 
The mom in me felt like I should be saying "no" to all of that, but who can resist when it's that time of the year when the sun sets long after what is supposed to be bed time? Bed time in general seems to be stretching to later and later hours around here for our little man, much to our fault (we want to squeeze in as much time with him as possible) and much to his delight. The peanut on the other hand would love to stay up later, but she just can't seem to keep those big eyes open long enough (see proof in the last photo below).

There are so many times lately when I catch myself caught up in realizing how big Jackson is getting. When he's running at full force and I feel like he just learned to walk or when he's carrying on full conversations when it seems like he was just uttering his first words. But, then, there are pockets of assurance when I see him as the little guy he really is, our precious little two year old who is still so young despite what I believe to be a much older soul. 

Thank you enormous trees who surround us for reminding me just how little he is. Now, if only you could help me keep him like this forever.

We're set to start another week, another week of opportunities. Here's to hoping that each day is so full of life that it leaves us as tired as a peanut when the sun sets each summer night. 


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