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Thursday, November 22, 2012

{30 by 30} Thanksgiving Day 10K Tradition

Today will go down as my favorite Thanksgiving of all time. It began with checking a '30 by 30' off my list, the weather was amazing and we spent the rest of the day at home with each other and not having to rush around anywhere- perfection! 

So, the race. It was a 10K- which is 6.2 miles. It was the 103rd annual Thanksgiving Day Race in Cincinnati and was absolutely my favorite race I've ever done. The weather was the perfect running temperature, the sun was shining and the course was so fun... weaving throughout downtown, across the river to Newport, through Covington and then back across the bridge to end near Paul Brown Stadium. So fun! I surprised myself by doing a lot better than I had expected, finishing in just over an hour despite date night with lots of wine the night before.

I so wish Dan would have joined me and I know that he regrets it; he thought about signing up last minute but decided to cheer me on with the babies instead. Next year we'll do it side by side for sure... along with 18,000 of our friends. After doing the run this year I can't imagine a better way to spend Thanksgiving morning every year to come. 

Now, to go make up for all the last calories with a(nother) glass of wine... the holidays really seem to be bring out the inner wine-o in me that I didn't know existed. 
    Post race with my favorite fans. 


     My mom also walked the race, she did great!

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