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Monday, September 16, 2013

{baby #3} 19 weeks.

I can very clearly remember being pregnant with Jackson and feeling like he would never get here, like the pregnancy was lasting forever. My time carrying Audrey went a little faster, but not much, so it's hard to believe with baby #3 that I'm almost half-way through! While this time around has been harder physically and mentally due to the intense exhaustion, it has actually passed refreshingly quickly. This photo was from our time in Saugatuck when I was 18 weeks, so a little outdated, but next week we'll have the really fun updates to share- photos, the gender and a name! Jackson is still adamantly voting for a girl and Audrey stubbornly tells us that baby is a boy. My instincts have me siding with Audrey... but we will find out for sure on the 27th. 

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