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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Saugatuck: Riverboat Cruise

One of our other Saugatuck adventures involved a riverboat cruise... the babies were pumped to get to ride on the "BIG boat." The captain of the boat, however was not so excited about having them on board. He announced a few times before boarding and leaving the dock that the boat is not a playground, that little children should be with their parents at all times, etc in a tone that clearly put him in the category of "grumpy old man." We were one of only two families on board with young children so a little awkward to have to listen to it over and over. The boat ride lasted for almost an hour and a half, travelling up and down the Kalamazoo River and into Lake Michigan, and Jackson and Audrey were complete angels. Not once did they act out. I wasn't really surprised as they normally are really well-behaved, but inside I was so proud and hoped it was a lesson to the grumpy captain that he should respect all little people a little more. 

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