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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Audrey "Big Girl" Engel

I realized that in the midst of Jonah prep I hadn't documented the Peanut's latest milestone- she is potty trained! There is one caveat- we still put her in a diaper during the night because I'm not sure if her little bladder can hold it that long since she is only 26 months old, but during the day, including naps, she's in big girl panties and rarely has an accident. The whole diaper at night thing will have to go soon because it actually hurts her feelings and she cries out from her bed "I don't want a diaper, give me my big girl panties" which breaks my heart because I'm so proud of her, but I think she needs just a few more weeks. And the best part of Peanut's potty training? My independent little woman goes all on her own- if you try to help her or follow her to the bathroom she yells "leave me alone, I do it myself" and she does... she goes, wipes and flushes all on her own. Her greatest motivation? The cute panties she gets to wear- the exact same thing that motivated me to potty train early back in the day. I love my little mini me. 

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