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Friday, February 14, 2014

jonah's first week at home.

In about an hour Jonah will officially be one week old. I remember when Jackson turned a week I cried because "time was going too quickly." Little did I know then just how quickly time flies with our little monsters. And knowing that now along with knowing that Jonah will be my last newborn makes me especially selfish with my time with him. 

Unfortunately this week that time together has included way too many visits to the pediatrician. We have gone in daily for blood work and weight checks as his jaundice spiked quite high on Wednesday and so we've been working hard to get it down. Thankfully it is headed in the right direction and so we are hoping today was our last time getting blood drawn and we can say goodbye to the bili blanket. 

We have one more week with Dan at home with us and I'm hoping it will be much more relaxing than this week was so we can make the most of our time together as a family of five! He has some intense work scheduling coming up so this really is the last week of relaxation together for awhile. 

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