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Sunday, September 14, 2014

jonah daniel: seven months.

Jonah bear is 7 months! He takes his "bear" nickname seriously and now growls when we do something he doesn't want- like changing his diaper or dressing him. It's funny every single time. He still adores Jackson and Audrey and lights up every time they come into the room- he also now does the cutest (albeit dramatic) laugh to get their attention. Almost like he wants them to know he's in on all their inside jokes too. He is ALL over the place, he sits (although is not a fan of sitting because sitting equals still and Jonah hates being still), he has two teeth (!! adorable) and as of tonight I am putting the Bumbo seat in storage because crazy butt now catapults himself out of the seat- awesome. I look at Jonah countless times a day and wonder how it is that God knew so well that we needed him in our life, that we wouldn't be complete without him. He is perfection. He is my sweet Jonah and I couldn't love him more.  

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