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Friday, January 23, 2015

mr. mom and cinderella.

This moment right here is the story of Jackson and Audrey in this season of life. He is Mr. Mom- always helping me, cleaning up and organizing, teaching Audrey and the first to help with Jonah. And Audrey has forgotten how to walk- she dances every where she goes. All the time and always in a princess dress. Last weekend she went with Nanna and I to her first broadway show at the Aronoff to see Cinderella. She sat in her seat for the entire 2.5 hours with her princess shoes and tiara on in complete awe. My favorite moment of the night was during intermission. The man at concession stand asked her what her name was... she curtseyed and replied "Audrey Danielle." I do not know where she gets this stuff nor can I make it up.
Jackson cleaning up while Audrey perfects the arabesque. 

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