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Monday, July 25, 2011

Adventure Week: Day 1

This morning we woke up determined to fill the week up with adventures. With countless Mama/JP memories. With teachable moments, a lot of fun and even more laughs. And today did not disappoint. 

We started the day with Jackson's first trip to the Newport Aquarium. He LOVED it. He ran from tank to tank in complete awe of what was before his eyes. I have said it before and I'll say it again- watching him discover new things is one of the absolute most magical parts of being his mom. 
We saw fish of every kind, we talked about how they swim together in a "school" because they are family and family sticks together. We stood in the shark tunnel and I watched my little man fearlessly put his face to the glass, wanting to go inside and swim with what my adult mind perceives as one scary fish. We laughed as we watched the penguins put on their show, Jackson running alongside the front of their tank as they swam beside him. I held him up so he could touch turtles and splash in the shark tank.

We'll be back, many times, we have a pass for the next year. I love that I'll get to share more and more with Jackson over those visits. He craves knowledge. I love that. 

After the aquarium, a trip to the bookstore and a snack break overlooking the river we headed for home for nap time. About 10 minutes into our trip when we were on the highway I started to hear very unwelcome sounds coming from our car. I haven't had a flat tire since I was 16 (when flat tires were a daily event in my 1984 Grand AM piece of...), but there was no mistaking that is what was going on. I put on my flashers and waited for two lanes of traffic to let me pass to the shoulder of the road. Did I mention that this road is a major highway with way too many semi trucks and is NOT a place I ever want to be stranded 6 months pregnant with my baby boy? 
Once semi-safe on the side of the road I began to search for my AAA card. Of course the one time I have ever needed it I can't find it. Luckily Dan was to the rescue, he called from his office and a few minutes later AAA called me to confirm my location and to let me know they would send someone right away. And they did- they are amazing. They were on the scene in about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, we also had to wait for the police because the position on the road was just too dangerous for the AAA man (Lee) to change our tire without an officer helping to guard him from traffic. Well the police apparently don't move as quickly as AAA and we waited for over an hour and 15 minutes before an officer finally showed up. Long story short, Lee, our hero from AAA quickly changed our tire and we were back on our way. Many, many snacks, stories and goofy songs and games to keep Jackson a happy boy. Operation: Adventures Day 1 accomplished.

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