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Sunday, July 10, 2011

our little monster

On Saturday morning Jackson and I went to the water park. He is not a big fan of water in general, but I wanted to give it a shot. He was a little weary at first, but had warmed up to it quite a bit by the time we left, although was still very calculated about where he would play in order to avoid the dreaded water in the eyes. His hair dried on the car ride home and this is what his mess of curls looked like... totally adorable and totally out of control- add in his "smile for the camera" look and you've got yourself a little monster. 

A few days ago Jackson found his vibrating seat from when he was an infant in the back of his closet. He thought it was pretty cool and has since pulled it out every day to the living room to play with. He has deemed it his throne apparently. He now wants to eat in it, read books in it and watch baseball in it. This morning he made it clear that he wanted mama to feed him his breakfast while he lounged in his throne. Little does this King know that Princess Audrey is going to be sharing his royalty status in a few short months.

Yep, pretty sure he knows he's adorable and rotten. I am sure those around me get so tired of me telling Jackson stories, but I cannot tell you how true it is when I say that having him in our lives is the absolute biggest blessing and the most entertaining part of our every day. Honestly, he is hilarious... so, so hilarious. 

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