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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

busy, busy little man.

I am not sure who is going to be the most bummed when Dan goes back to work next week... me for being without my partner, Jackson for being without his best buddy or Dan for being without his best buddy... those two are complete mirrors of each other and I'm never really sure who is having more fun when they're playing- Dada or Jackson. Either way, they are busy boys who play all day long and reality is going to be a little hard for Jackson next week when he realizes that he and I will have to take play breaks to take care of Audrey. This mama is already game-planning how to make the most of our every day together because I've learned from experience that while my maternity leave seems long now, it will surely fly by way too quickly. 
One of Jackson's most favorite things to do is to go "up up up" to read books with Dan and I. "Up up up" means up onto our bed. He tells us exactly where to sit or lay, normally covers us up with our blanket to get all cuddled up and then makes several trips to bring in as many books as he can carry before beginning a reading marathon. 

Ignore my hair, please. It was early and I'm going on no sleep...

This little man is quite the big helper... he insists on helping with just about everything. One of his most favorite chores is to do the dishes. Sometimes I find myself sneaking into the kitchen to wash a few things as quietly as I can, but sure enough as soon as I get started I hear his little feet running as fast as possible to come and lend a hand. 
I see so much of both Dan and I in Jackson more and more every day- it's amusing to make those little observations of where he got "this" or "that" from or who he reminds us of when his little quirks shine through. I think one especially humorous (and sometimes exhausting) combination that we were able to finally put into words yesterday was that he has Dan's endless energy combined with my slightly-OCD personality... meaning, he goes and goes and goes and insists on things being just "so." He is anything but laid back which is especially funny right now because Audrey so far has been the epitome of laid back. I love that they are already so different- these two have a lot of adventures in store for us, I'm sure, and I couldn't be more excited to see what they are. 

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  1. Your house is so full of fun and love! I love the little peek into your daily life - it looks like JP loves having Dan home!


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