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Saturday, November 12, 2011

the sweet & not so sweet of home

we are home! we were released from the hospital last night after audrey's blood results showed that the jaundice wasn't as high as they had thought- we immediately went to pick up her big brother and i would do anything to turn back time so i would have remembered to videotape his reaction when he saw her for the first time. it was honestly one of the sweetest moments of my life- he completely ran past dan and i to get to "aud-wee" and got down to her level in her car seat and talked to her as if he'd known her forever- giving her the sweetest kisses and hugs as if nobody else was in the room and the protective brotherly love hasn't stopped since. 
on a significantly less sweet note, we were also greeted at home to the realities of continuing to live in a construction zone. early this morning a work crew started their very important but loud job of finishing the installation of the furnace and duct work for the addition and the upstairs renovation. this also included having to turn off the existing furnace for most of the morning- so we cranked up the heat early this morning so that we could keep the house sufficiently warm enough for a newborn. luckily, we just were able to turn the heat back on, but the loudness continues while i am trying to get jackson to take a nap which is really not working. on top of that we had a home nurse stop by to take audrey's blood again to continue to monitor the jaundice- it took over an hour to do all of the little checks she had to do and jackson had a complete meltdown when she drew blood because he hadn't heard audrey cry yet. 

dan assures me that the crew is almost finished for the day- lets hope he's right- i'm ready for some peacefulness to enjoy my beautiful baby girl and her big brother- oh and a husband who's not stuck working on the house would be a really nice bonus too!

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