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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Audrey Update: We're still waiting... and waiting and waiting. We are going on almost 10 hours in active labor with slow, slow progress. The contractions were getting a little out of control so I broke down about a half an hour ago and go an epidural- Tom the epidural guy is currently my favorite person in the world. 

I wanted to do a month of Thanks-giving again this year and what better time to get caught up than when I'm in labor? 

Thankful to God for...

Day 1: For a husband who is my best friend- who I'm not only in total love with but who I genuinely enjoy being with more than anyone else in the world. He is proof that true love only gets better and better.  
Day 2: For the most adorable, hilarious, sweetest little boy who I am so blessed to get to call my son. I believe God gives us children so that we can truly understand how he loves us.
Day 3: For the miracle of being able to grow our beautiful Audrey inside of me for the past 9 months. For anyone who doubts God or who takes for granted children... I dare you to go through this journey and not be in total awe of the gift of life God gives on a daily basis. 
Day 4: For epidurals. Because my daughter is already being stubborn and she's not even here yet and girlfriend was giving her mother pain that was out of this world. 
Day 5: For our ever-strengthening faith. I can't imagine a better church family for us to raise our children with and I can't imagine life without the faith that Dan and I have grown to know and love these past couple of years. 
Day 6: For freedom. We live in a country where we hold the keys to our lives- we can choose to do whatever it is we dream of. I think we sometimes forget this and choose not to fight for what we want because we let our fears and insecurities get the best of us, but I honestly believe that there is nothing unattainable thanks to the freedom we have been blessed with. 
Day 7: For our furry children, Sammy & Bing. Dogs live love unconditionally better than most people do and I am forever grateful for the love they show us every day. And seeing Jackson light up with laughter every time he sees his "doggies" is a total bonus too. 
Day 8: For a family that is beyond supportive- especially our parents. They love us and our children more than most could understand and they support our every move- honestly the best examples of how to love your children we could ever find.
Day 9: For dreams. We have a lot of them- our list grows exponentially every day and I love that Dan and I are going to go after the ones that really matter to us- no compromises, no short-cuts, no skimping. 

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