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Sunday, February 12, 2012

a birthday bus bash

Jackson's birthday week ended with a bash. A bus bash to be exact. His cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents partied with us last night in celebration of the little guy's 2nd birthday... complete with (a LOT) of treats, fun and laughs. When you have this many cousins so close in age together there really is no need to plan a lot of entertainment- just release the little monsters and enjoy the show!

Our family of 4 :)

He acted like he had done this candle-blowing things countless times...


marshmallow pops that Jackson helped me make...

His annual birthday plate! Made beautifully by one of my favorite Etsy shops!

 we even had "camel rides" as the girls called them

who needs toys when you have an uncle dennis?

I can almost see the sugar coma kicking in

...we had so much fun! I think Jackson had more sugar and treats in this one day then has had in his entire life combined. We'll be in detox mode this week... or at least until our Valentine's Day playate on Friday. The birthday boy summed up the night perfectly during bed time. We started to say our prayers and he said, "Hi Jesus. Thank you for cupcakes!" Thank you for cupcakes, indeed, Jesus...

Jackson's birthday bus shirt came from: Etsy Jackapotamus
His hand-painted birthday plate came from: Etsy Aedrial
Audrey's adorable hair bow was from: Etsy Headband Blossoms

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