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Thursday, February 23, 2012


I treasure every inch of that little face. But, the baby pounds that came along with her? Not so much. I actually gained quite a bit less with Audrey than I did with Jackson, but because I haven't been able to nurse Audrey as much (and now not at all), the last few pounds are being incredibly stubborn. I am more determined than ever to say goodbye to them forever and to gain back my pre-baby body. It's hard work to not only lose the baby weight, but to get back into shape quickly, so I'm swearing off the excuses that are so easy to find (I don't have time, I have little kids, I'm too sleep deprived...). Nope, no more excuses, just hard work. Bring it on.

 Play time outside in Indiana in February? Loving that. Peanut was all about the moby wrap- she actually got upset when I took her out of it this afternoon. Dan said that's because she is spoiled and likes being close to me. Well, she does love being close to me, but that's just because I'm her favorite. Jealous daddy.

Handsome butt here doesn't so much believe in "playing" very often. He would much rather be working. You know, big boy stuff. Today he gathered sticks from around the yard and let me know how much he didn't want his photo taken. That darn mama paparazzi always getting in his way.

I'm off to clean up the house and to nurse my sore muscles. And by nurse them I actually mean applaud them because the feeling of getting back in the groove with fitness is priceless. And those post-work-out highs don't hurt either.

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