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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yesterday, we spent a lot of time outside... JP practiced his baseball swing, the Peanut played soccer, we kicked off what Dan calls "hammock season" and we savored every minute of the sunshine. And then today we woke up to snow. Snow the week before Easter. How is the peanut expected to wear her adorable Easter dress if there is still snow outside? Like a champ, I tell you, a true champ will push through and risk the frost bite for fashion. We must teach these important lessons early.  

This photo of Audrey hiking in the woods reminds me of a conversation Jackson and I had a few weeks ago:
Me: Jackson, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Jackson: Well, what I really want to be is a person.
Me: Oh, well that makes sense. What do you think Audrey will be when she grows up?
Jackson: I think Audrey will cut down trees. And sometimes I will help her. 
The peanut: a lumberjack... nice. 

The rest of our weekend included a lot of planning, organizing, church, brunch and coloring eggs for Easter... followed by, obviously, practice Easter egg hunts. After the 3rd round of egg-hunting I masterfully convinced Jackson that it would be just as much fun if he hid the eggs AND found the eggs. 

After glancing back to Easter last year, I realized that dying easter eggs without pants on seems to be JP's idea of a good time. (photos HERE). 

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