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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

jackson's 1st christmas program.

Last night was Jackson's preschool Christmas program. Earlier in the day, Dan and I had exchanged emails as we both worked in anticipation of the night. Dan was excited to see his little buddy up on stage with this friends. I was nervous. Nervous for Jackson because I know him so well and I knew this was way outside of his comfort zone. It's funny how the vast majority of adults are too nervous to get up in front of large crowds of people to even speak publicly, but we expect our little guys to perform in front of rooms full of strangers. But, he did it. He DID it! I was so proud. Proud because I knew how hard it was for him and yet he still followed through. I love our little man so much. 

Jackson & his best buddy, Canaan 

An attempt at a family shot- 32 weeks with Jonah! I can't believe he'll be up on that stage in a few short years. 

 Peanut's pouty face. Poor thing, after over a week of literally no sleeping we realized she had double ear infections.

Jackson fans, Mamaw and Papaw 

Jackson fans, Pop and Nanna 

Our Audrey who canNOT wait until she's old enough to go to school. 

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