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Monday, December 2, 2013

peanut stats: 2 years

An update that will probably only ever be interesting to me- some Peanut 2 year stats:

-Weight: 28.6 pounds (72%)
-Height: 34" (59%)

Our little peanut isn't such a little peanut anymore. At this age, which I LOVE, here are some of the things I never want to forget about Audrey:

-Her personality: Audrey is so laid back about so many things, but also has this sassy side that can come out of nowhere and definitely keeps us on our toes. We're working on "being nice" because she can just be mean at times, yelling at her brother when she doesn't get her way. But 95% of the time she is so sweet and loving and just fun to be around.

-Her voice: I wish I could bottle up her little voice. It is the sweetest, most adorable voice I've ever known. 

-Audrey wants to do everything Jackson does. Every thing. She copies his every move which he usually really likes and finds amusing although at times when Daddy and Jackson are doing "big boy things" she can really get her feelings hurt from being left out. One thing that has been hard for Audrey has been Jackson going to preschool- this definitely makes her feel left out and she cannot wait until she's big enough to go too. 

-Speaking of Jackson, they are absolutely best friends. They have one of the strongest brother/sister bonds I've ever known and I hope it stays that way forever. He is so protective of his Audrey and she adores her Jackson. They play together constantly and definitely miss each other when one is not there. This also means that they can sometimes create more than double the trouble together. Dan and I will often be in one room and will hear them both erupt in laughter from another place in the house and just have to look at each other and laugh because we know they are up to no good. 

-Manual labor- the peanut just doesn't believe in it. This is partly Jackson's fault because he will just do it all for her, he completely spoils her and she takes advantage of that. Her response lately when I ask her to pick up toys or take her dish to the sink is, "No, Jackie will do that."

-She is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to meal times- she loves almost any kind of food and tries new things constantly. Total opposite of someone else in this house... 

-The girl is smart. She already knows all her ABCs (we're working on better enunciating the letters), she can count to 20, she speaks so clearly and her vocabulary is extensive. She knows all of her colors and some of her shapes. Jackson has always been in love with learning and I really think this has been contagious for Audrey. Her love of reading and for books also helps- she canNOT sit still ever unless you read to her and then she would sit with you all day as long as you kept the books coming. 

That's our Peanut. Our sweet and sassy Peanut. 

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