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Sunday, November 16, 2014

jonah daniel: NINE months!

We're a little late getting to Jonah Bear's 9 month update, but our little guy has been sick for the first time. It ended up being nothing but a bad cold, but it made for a lot of sleepless nights and some nasty sounding coughs. He's slowly getting back to himself... his lovable, crazy crawling, can't stay still for a second self. 

Here are 9 things about Jonah at 9 months:

1. He loves. LOVES I tell you. Food! Don't even try to eat around him unless it's something he can have or he will give you the most pitiful look. He still mainly drinking bottles and eating purees, but has also begun to eat diced up chicken, veggies and fruit.

2. It is no exaggeration when I say that he cannot sit still for a second. The boy has his daddy's energy and goes goes goes. He continues to crawl everywhere, pulls himself on every thing (and everyone) around, is cruising around the furniture and last week we found him at the top of the stairs. So, you know, up went another baby gate. I've yet to figure out a way to get him to quit standing up in his high chair - yes, his high chair- the seat belt can't hold the bear back. 

3. He now has 7 teeth... 4 of which, all on the top, all decided to come in at the exact same time which was... fun? 

4. Overall, he is still so sweet and laid back. He's more playful than the other two ever were at this age- he loves to play with his toys, wrestle with anyone willing and overall just have a good time. 

5. Jackson continues to be such a help with Jonah, always helping him, protecting him and teaching him things. Today on the way home from church they both fell asleep holding hands- it was the sweetest. 

6. Jonah finds Audrey to be especially funny. It takes very little out of her to get him laughing hard. And she continues to be nothing but sweet and affectionate with him. I can think of zero times when she has been rough or anything but nice to him. Which is a lot considering her personality at times this past year!

7. Jonah bear reminds me of Dan in so many ways- from his facial expressions to his curiosity and playful personality. I think we have another little mini me in the making.

8. He continues to be easy most all of the time to put down for bed time and he is getting better at sleeping most of the night. We've been off the past few weeks from being sick, but I still see progress and overall I just don't mind it that much when he does wake... who wouldn't love extra cuddle time with a Jonah bear? 

9.  I'm a little bit in shock that he's already 9 months... I know every mom says that, but we unfortunately won't know our 4th baby when she's actually a baby so realizing that Jonah is the last one to be this tiny is hard to swallow at times. I love my chubby, cuddly babies. 

Jackson at 9 months HERE.
Audrey at 9 months HERE.

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