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Monday, November 10, 2014

mommy, audrey day.

Friday was Mommy-Audrey Day and I was reminded once again why having a daughter is a must. I think we maxed out on the amount of glitter, twirling and princess-talk allowed for one day, but the peanut was in heaven. We started out with a trip to The Disney Store to pick out a new princess dress. She inspected every option before deciding on the Cinderella dress. We did a little more shopping with Audrey shuffling through the mall in her "glass slippers" and balancing her tiara. Every where we went people called her "princess." At first she was shy, but fully embraced it by the end of the day, normally waving back like she owned the place. 

After having lunch we went to the Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa. Yes, I said it... a spa for kids. Ridiculous and awesome at the same time. We had mommy/Audrey pedis and manis. At one point, she had her feet propped in the warm water, laying back on the comfy pillows propped up behind her and mumbled, "mommy, I am so excited, I am not tired." We left the spa two very happy girls with extra sparkly toes.  

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