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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

daddy's "office."

On Monday the babies and I went to Dan's office for a Christmas Party. Jackson especially has wanted to see the power plant up close for a LONG, long time so he was just a liiitle excited. I was not prepared for how in the middle of nowhere it was- but it was beautiful to drive through the hills of Kentucky along the river to get there. We were able to see Dan's office, the boiler and stacks that make the electricity and there were activities for the kids, including Santa arriving on the plant's fire truck (random!). We talk about Santa like we talk about Mickey Mouse- he's for fun, but we also know he's not real- this is to help keep the focus on Jesus for Christmas... anyway, this meant Jackson and Audrey were not into seeing Santa or sitting on his lap since they've never done that BUT Santa was handing out whole chocolate bars and stuffed animals (that's right, an ENTIRE chocolate bar)... so you know Jackson talked his sister into just sucking it up for one quick picture so they could relish in their treats. So here you have our first and probably last Santa photo :) 

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