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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

just a little christmas'ing...

... oh, just playing a little catch-up on life lately. Jackson has kept us right on schedule with our Christmas countdown complete with daily Christmas activities so there's been that and thankfully for me work in on pause for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately electricity still needs to be made, even on Christmas, so Dan will have a day off here and there but will mainly be working through the holidays including some night shifts this coming weekend- boo. BUT, we're just so beyond blessed, you know? It's glaringly obvious in an almost embarrassing way and so humbly we say THANK YOU, thank you for this season that celebrates the most amazing miracle that is Jesus.

Two of my Christmas helpers- they've been wearing their "Christmas hats" everywhere. 

Late night rides to see Christmas lights!

The tree downtown. 

We had our second Children's Theater performance- The Snow Queen- which is the book Frozen was based off of. Audrey's excitement at any live show is priceless. 

One of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions- The Festival of Lights! (it was a little cold hence the peanut's grumpy face.) But the cold can't hold Mr. Holiday down.

The teens at our church also put on a Christmas show- it was so good! I was in awe of their talent and Audrey attempted to sing along from the audience... "Let it Go," anyone?

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