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Sunday, December 21, 2014

the bear at 10 months.

We are (so, so) behind in updates. lots of fun stuff happening and so less time at the computer and more time enjoying these sweet babies of mine. One of which, Jonah Bear, is now ten (10!!) months old. That's just 2 months shy of a full year if you're keeping count. A few updates on my little man:

-He has started taking steps! I wouldn't call it official walking yet, but we get 2-3 steps at a time before he collapses in giggles immediately followed by clapping for himself.
-Sleep at night continues to be completely random. We seem to have a few nights of sleeping all the way through and then several with at least one feeding around 3am. 
-His cheeks. I mean, just look at them, the day they start to go away will be the day I throw a big mom fit. 
-We find him all over the place- in corners, behind couches, in the toilet, climbing into the bathtub, into end tables, on top of furniture... you name it, he explores it. 
-His baby vocab is adorable and growing- lots and lots of babbling. 
-There is no denying that he is a mama's boy. He's my shadow at all times. If I leave a room for just a minute, when I come back he comes crawling and whimpering to me as if he hasn't seen me in days. It's seriously sweet (and sometimes exhausting :)). 
-The crazier the better for The Bear- throw him around, wrestle him on the ground, take him for crazy wagon rides... he's all about it. I choose not to worry about how this will manifest itself later in life. 

We're so in love with this little guy. I often say that there's just something extra sweet and special about Jonah... something you can't articulate or put a finger on, but it's there. My prayer is that it never goes away. We love you forever and ever, Jonah Bear- more than you could possibly understand. 

Jackson at 10 months HERE.
Audrey at 10 months HERE.

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