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Monday, March 9, 2015

dear, emme.

Dear, Emme-

This morning on my commute into the office I couldn't stop thinking about YOU. For some reason you dominated my every thought. It felt like God was telling me that things are crazy right now- crazy busy, lots going on- and that this intensity is just preparing us and making us stronger for when our journey to you begins. I know God probably finds my over-detailed life plans and checklists amusing in that "oh sweet girl of mine you are so funny thinking you can control all of that..." way, so I don't know when exactly we'll be able to wrap you in our arms and bring you safely home, but there was just something about today- something that weighed so heavily on my heart that I can't help but believe that today was an important step, an important milestone, in your journey. 

When I started to visualize the timeline of when we plan to bring you home and worked backwards I realized that now might be when your biological mom and dad are meeting or maybe starting to plan for a family or maybe even conceive you. I don't know, but I did want YOU to know that on this day, even before you came to this world, you were LOVED. You were PLANNED for. You were WANTED. 

As I sat in traffic and all of this swarmed through my mind, I was so emotional and full of love for you and a song came on the radio with the lyrics "bring you Home" playing over and over. 

Chills, absolute chills. 

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