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Friday, May 29, 2015

(hollllly moly, I'm behind) catching up: EASTER

Well, it's pretty clear that things have been a little crazy around here seeing as I'm just now getting to our Easter update. I will say that this year Easter was somewhat of a blur since Grandma Nanny passed away that week making celebrations bittersweet to say the least. Thankfully it did mean that the Hoffman family was able to 100% be together since everyone was in town for the funeral which was a blessing for all of us and I'm certain had her smiling too.  

All of Grandma Nanny's great grandbabies with the Easter baskets she had packed and ready to go for them. She made up these exact baskets for all of us from the time we were born so to pass these out for the very last time was surreal. 

Audrey & Wyatt were over the pictures. 

These two- two peas in a (very dramatic) pod. Grandma Nanny knew them well, leaving Elsa & Anna outfits. 

All of Grandma Nanny's favorite people on the family farm. 

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