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Thursday, March 3, 2011

anything goes between 8am-5pm

Well, our 13 month superstar run of no ear infections and no antibiotics for JP has officially come to an end with a big bang. The long story short: he has double ear infections caused by Bronchialitis and possible pneumonia. In other words, he has never been this miserable. Poor guy. Yesterday ranks amongst one of the hardest for me as a mom- it included rushing him to the DR after a horrible night, where he was diagnosed and then put through a breathing treatment and a few other tests. We spent the remainder of the day glued to each other, giving me major flashbacks back to the first 2 months of his life when he literally would not sleep unless I was holding him. He is starting to improve and even slept the majority of the night in his bed soundly, but I still woke up every hour or so to go and lay my hand on his back to ensure he was breathing easily. 

So, to the point of my quick post: Today Dan is on daddy doctor duty, at home with JP. I had to sneak out of the house this morning because me just leaving the room has caused major meltdowns over the past couple of days. Well, Dan just sent this photo to me at the office entitled "look what I have"... our cell phones. This is a BIG "no no" in our house. JP is NOT allowed to play with them, well clearly Daddy is breaking rules today to make JP happy. I wrote back saying as much and Dan responded with "anything goes between 8am-5pm" - aka "anything goes while mama is at work." I'm all for that today, as long as my little man isn't totally miserable. 


  1. Oh Jess!! Poor JP - that is a terrible combination to have, but even more so for a little one who can't explain it. I can't say I blame Dan for letting anything goes - when they're that miserable you HAVE to make them content, no matter how against the rules it is!

  2. Oh, my. I hope he's ok. I'm so sorry to hear that JP has ear infection.
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