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Saturday, March 5, 2011

a day at the museum

We all have our roles in this home renovation. Mine happens to be to get the little man out of the house (and out of the way) for days like today when Dan and the work crew know they are going to be especially loud (and especially dusty I might add). Throw in the fact that they had to turn off the water all day and I needed no more reasons to run far far away from this disaster that it is our home at the moment. 

So, off to the museum and to run errands we went. Jackson is feeling SO much better after our scare this week. It's amazing really and we are beyond thankful that he is out of pain and back to being himself. His happy, hyper, hilarious little self. 

After we checked off trips to the bank, the museum and Target we are back home and by some incredible miracle he is now taking a nap despite the loud, LOUD drilling and hammering happening directly below is bedroom. This child is the lightest sleeper ever, so when I say this is a miracle, I am seriously thinking this is a little gift from God. I may be being dramatic, but am still very thankful!

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