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Sunday, April 17, 2011

you are my sunshine

Nothing too big to report tonight- just coming off of a calm, relaxing weekend with Jackson (weekend #5 without Dan... we have about 7 more to go). I have to say, my little man provides the best company possible with daddy gone- he is entertaining, sweet, funny and beyond adorable. 

But, the time with Dan is still irreplaceable and having him gone pretty much all of the time right now makes the time that we do have with him all that more meaningful and appreciated- tonight it completely made our night to have him home to eat dinner with us, to read stories to JP before bed time (he even changed a diaper for the first time in a  LONG time- he reported back that "he still has it {diapering skills) and we even squeezed in a little bonfire once the sun set and Jackson was asleep.  

Jackson, when you're reading back through these stories some day, I hope you'll be smiling and nodding your head when I tell you that your daddy is the hardest working man I know. And yet, he would never put his work ahead of you, me or his faith ever. There are few people who know how to find that balance and make it work, but he does- and he does it with a smile on his face and without a single complaint. 

And you, my little man, are already like him in so many ways- always smiling, always laughing, always on the move and 100% fearless.

But, I'm happy to report that you still glance behind you every once in awhile to make sure your mama is still there to pick you up just in case you do fall. And catch you I will. Every time.

We are 10 weeks along with baby #2! That is 25% completion if you are doing the math. I have to say that overall this baby has been a lot more challenging than Jackson was- much more morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness and much, much more tired, but every second of it is worth it and once again I'm so humbled that we were chosen to be this little boy or girl's mama and daddy. Lets hope that JP feels just has humbled when he realizes what being a "big brother" is all about!

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  1. As always, I love your update! I am sorry you aren't feeling well. Sucking on hard candy (sugar free) always helped me. Maybe it could help? I hope these seven weeks go by quickly and you get Dan back before you know it :)


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