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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter weekend

Happy Easter (a few days late)! This weekend we celebrated two momentous occasions: Easter and my niece Josie's first birthday. JP and I were really happy that Dan was able to stop by Josie's birthday party for a little bit on Saturday night and was also able to come to Easter service with Jackson and I on Sunday morning before going right back to work the rest of the weekend. Hopefully just about a month left of this craziness and then I can have my husband back and Jackson can have his "dada" back who he asks for all of the time- I miss our little (yet growing) family! It is times like these when Dan is not able to be around as much that I am so thankful that we are surrounded by so much family- so much love, support and encouragement. So, so thankful. 

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  1. I love 1st birthday pictures! Thanks for sharing the cake face - too cute. Love Jackson's Easter outfit, he looks like such a little MAN!


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