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Thursday, October 20, 2011

my little diva

Like any good diva, Audrey has decided to arrive in her own way... early! Yesterday I had my weekly DR appointment to check on her progress and my doctor informed me that due to Audrey's anticipated size (similarly to her big brother's) they would recommend that I not go full-term. Therefore, if she is not already here by the 9th of November, I will be induced early that morning- which is a week earlier than her original due date. 

This means a few things:
1. We get to meet our beautiful Audrey earlier than expected- GREAT thing!
2. My last day in the office is now TOMORROW instead of next Friday- GREAT thing!
3. We now have at least a week less to finish the house- NOT a great thing, BUT totally okay.

Dan is in the midst of working a new demanding assignment that he began on Monday where he has an incredibly long commute and is working longer hours, including some weekends, so needless to say most work has been put on pause on the house because quite frankly he has zero time. I'm hoping that Audrey's arrival will also present a much-needed break for him from his duties at work so he can relax and totally soak up his soon-to-be 2 perfect children (and wife, of course)!

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