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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ebb & flow

For anyone who knows me, even casually, they would know that this week marked the beginning to my 8 months of bliss- I've been singing the news from the roof tops because, lets face it, this maternity leave has been long-awaited and even more so needed. And so on Monday Jackson and I began our new routine- which will be short-lived because I'm sure Audrey will insist on creating new routines for all of us when she arrives shortly, but for now, we're pretty happy with the flexibility our new-found freedom is giving us. And while we're only 2 days into this, those 2 days couldn't have been any more different... let me illustrate:

"Maternity Leave Monday" as I like to think of it as was all that not working should include in my opinion:
-JP got to wake up on his own time
-A pedicure
-Shopping (including multiple Christmas outfit changes for Audrey)
-A lot of play time with Jackson
-A trip to the library

And then there was today, Tuesday:
-I had to wake JP up early to get ready for my weekly DR's appointment after a night where I would estimate I slept for maybe 2 full hours (horrible, horrible back pain)
-I had to drive Dan's massive (and loud, diesel) truck (see below for why) to my appointment  
-Dan's aforementioned massive truck was too tall to fit into the DR's parking garage and too long for the street parking... this resulted in this 9 month pregnant lady driving around for 30 minutes to finally find a spot that was a 20 minute walk to the DR (with a very full bladder I might add)
-I then had my appointment which revealed that I am 1cm dilated (which is great) & Audrey is head-down (also great), but the exam to figure this out is not a lot of fun
-Post-DR I then drove the loud truck north of the city to pick up our new furnace for the addition- after being sent to 4 different people in 2 different buildings I finally found the furnace 
-Finally I picked up my little man who apparently decided today was a no-nap day

It's funny (at least it is now, hours later) how completely opposite my first days of mat-leave-vacay have gone, but the thing is that it's totally to be expected... I'm finding just how much life and energy can ebb and flow when you're this pregnant. I'm learning to take advantage of the days, like Monday, when I have endless energy to nest away and to find patience (with life and with myself) on days like today when I am needing to take it hour by hour. 

Luckily, no matter what happens, having it happen with this little guy around makes it all worthwhile... and hilarious, entertaining and amazing all at once.

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  1. I'm so happy for you Jessica (and happy you survived yesterday - I can't imagine doing all that while this pregnant)! I can't wait to start my leave! :) I'm taking off until April. :) We should get the boys (and babies) together sometime this winter!


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